Bidding strategies in Google ADS:

Google Ads or Google AdWords or PPC is an online advertising platform for businesses to get paid traffic. Google Ads have several core bidding strategies that are fitted to different type of campaigns and depending on what network the advertiser focuses on getting Impressions, Clicks, Views or conversions. Google ads will be found on SERP (max 7 Ads will be displayed).

1) CPC/ Manual CPC (Cost Per Click)

CPC is a type of setting having total control over bids. Manual CPC allows you to manage your CPC bids yourself. The perks of this bidding are you can manually set different bids for each Adgroup, individual keyword, and even placements. Whenever you find any keyword or placement is running high or profitable you can manually change the bidding too high. It is primarily used for brand new marketers.

2) Maximum CPC

This is an Automatic bidding strategy. All you have to do just give a daily budget. System (Google Ads) control your bid up and down. The system will decide the bid for keywords and all keywords are equal to the system. It is the greatest bid strategy for the business that is in a dilemma whether to increase or decrease the bid, max CPC will help you in it. Max CPC will give you maximum clicks in the limit of your daily budget.

3) Enhance CPC

It is another Google Ads (AdWords) bid strategy that allows Google to automatically adjust your manual bid to drive maximum conversions. Enhance CPC has right to increase your bid whenever you’re ad is eligible to appear. Google can increase or decrease your bid up to 30% whenever there is a chance of conversion. It will help you to get more conversions by maintaining or reducing cost per conversion.

4) Target CPA Bidding (Cost-per-acquisition)

Target CPA Bidding is also known as conversion optimization and Focus on conversion. It is the smart strategy of Google. Target CPA Bidding helps in getting as many conversions as possible. Before setting up Target CPA Bid you need to set up conversion tracking. It uses artificial intelligence to optimize bids. Target CPA available in standard strategy and portfolio strategy
• Standard strategy in Single Campaign.
• Portfolio strategy in Multiple Campaigns

5) Target out Ranking Share

Google Ads automatically increase or decrease your bids and make sure that your ads appear consistently above other domains.

The important setting in Target out Ranking Share

• Select your Domain– Identify the competitor who has the highest percentage of outranking.
• Target to Outrank– Enter the percentage of auction you prefer to appear above your competitor
• Max Bid limit– If two domains using the Target Out ranking share. It will automatically enhance the bid when anyone reaches its max limit.
• Bid Automation– Two Bid Automation a) Manual b) Automated

a) Manual

Google allows you to set the bid and Google adjust outrank

b) Automated

Google has the ability to increase or decrease the bid as needed to outrank.

6) Low-Quality Keyword

Don’t increase the bid for low-quality keywords.

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