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What Search Engine Optimization? Part 2

“SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION - Technical Backbone To Every Website.” In our previous article, ‘SEO – The Ultimate Solution To Rank High’, we discussed how SEO helps a website to thrive in digital cosmos. In the current article, we shall discuss the right way to utilise...

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SEO – The Ultimate Solution To Rank High

For every website owned or blog has written, the first and foremost desire is to show up as the best-related search on Google search result. This is the same ultimatum for which we search engine marketing specialist’s work. However, before jumping to the conclusion...

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Techniques of Backlinks

How to create backlinks? Backlinks can be created with 3 techniques 1) White Hat Technique 2) Black Hat Technique 3) Grey Hat Technique   WHITE HAT TECHNIQUE: White hat technique is the legal procedure to create backlinks. White hat is the opposite of black hat...

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High Quality Back-links Do Follow

Directory Submissions: Directory Submission is a kind of websites which are used to store business information. Directory Submission is the process of submitting your site URL to various different directories under the most appropriate category to create backlinks. If...

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