We live in an era where ‘smart work’ is admired favourably than ‘hard work’. Optimising the time and money spent are two important aspects of successfully executing smart work. As, search engine marketing specialists, we aim for the best results with the highest efficiency in the least amount of time.
AI is one such solution endowed to bring smartness into work. It conveniently reduces the time that is consumed in doing the menial and less significant tasks that are better, if automated. At the same time, such tasks are also done with precision and accuracy which usually lacks with the manual intervention. Using this technology in digital marketing is a revolution that has channelized the marketing techniques to the next level of progression.

For example, search engine marketing specialists like us, who are constantly in the race to be first in searches need to make use of every second, every detail and every feature to deliver best outcomes of digital presence because, the it holds a lot of importance in today’s time. With AI in power play, the marketers can ensure to make the digital presence worthwhile and profiting to every brand. For many tools and applications, AI can be implemented to improve the performance.

1. Email campaign and email marketing
‘Keep in touch with your clients and they won’t forget you’ – The best way to stay engaged with your clients is email. It’s a subtle way of communication which isn’t vexatious nor is inadequate. With AI, you can automate this process and generate personalized emails to the customers based on their interest.

2. Lead segregation
Every search engine marketing specialists know that the main target for SEO, SEM and SMM specialists is generating revenue in the form of leads converted to customers. With time, digital marketing techniques have developed so well that generation of authentic and organic leads has become a success. However, funnelling and segregating these leads as per their quality is a tremendous task of high importance, because these leads have to be approached accordingly and poached for sales. AI brings us this efficiency by fulfilling a successful lead segregation.

3. Data analysis
It’s all about data and documentation. No matter which business you are branding, you need to store your data and synchronize it to upcoming ads and marketing, as per analysis outcomes. AI makes this job possible and easy by deriving the required data with perfect precision and driving post-analysis results of the data. Moreover, this data or analysis is very accurate unlike the data derived by a human interference which is usually compromised and not so accurate.

4. Content generation
Though we are a bit apprehensive on how an artificial intelligence can replace human intelligence in matters of content curation, it’s a definite possibility with AI. Not only the content is generated but it is also believed to camouflage as a human output. In today’s time, successful content marketing is possible only with a human touch with facts and figures. AI seems to bring all of this together effectively.

5. Searches
Without using the keyboard or cursor clicks, the search has become easier and effective by implementing AI. Google’s voice searches and image search, Amazon’s echo, Microsoft’s Cortana, iPhone’s Siri, etc are some beautiful interpretations of artificial intelligence that have taken search to a new level. This challenges the SEO specialists and gives us a better scope for developing the best strategy for search results.

6. Chatbots
Chatbots are another use of AI that makes human life and especially search engine marketing specialist’s life easier. Every website that brings in traffic and views becomes more effective when it has an option to chat, talk and interact with its viewers. Chatbots engage the user and collect all the basic information from the clients like their name, contact details and other information required for data by the respective websites or e-commerce sites. This saves time and efforts for digital marketers.

These are a few of the many usages of AI that is reshaping the scope of digital marketing. Technology is bringing in a lot of new features to make our lives easier and better. As search engine marketing specialists, let’s make use of all these features and deliver the best. In case you are looking for the best search engine marketing specialists, we are Marcus Digital. Drop us a message with your query and we will get in touch with you.

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