How to create backlinks?

Backlinks can be created with 3 techniques
1) White Hat Technique
2) Black Hat Technique
3) Grey Hat Technique



White hat technique is the legal procedure to create backlinks. White hat is the opposite of black hat technique. White hat techniques help you in improving your search rank on search engine result page (SERPs).

White hat methods to get Backlinks:

• Directory Submission
• Classified
• Articles
• Blog Commenting
• Social Media
• Social Book Marking
• Forum Discussion
• Profile Creator
• Image Sharing
• PPT/PDF Sharing
• Video Sharing
• Web 2.0
By all these sources we will get Backlinks



It’s an illegal technique to create backlinks.

• Using automatic tools to create Backlinks
• Purchase Backlinks from others
• Exchange Backlinks
a) 2 way Exchange
b) 3 way Exchange
• Spam Comments, non-related promotional links
• Duplicate content
• Keyword Stuffing in the content you provide on the website
• Invisible Content- Placing the list of keywords in the White background
• Cloaking- Showing different content to users than to Google Bot



Grey hat technique is the combination of Black Hat and White Hat. 95% White Hat and 5% Black Hat. Not even recommended to use Grey hat Technique.

• SEO Squatting- Buying expired domain related to your business and adding pages and content
• Using Sharing buttons( Social media sharing buttons) everywhere
• Adding a comment box to your site and inviting everyone to comment
• Redesigning the old content to make Google feel this is fresh content.
• Fake news content to get traffic(Fabrication News)
• Paying for reviews

Google said backlinks are the no 1 factor in ranking. So avoid Black hat technique and White Hat technique to your website.
Always go with White hat technique.

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