For every website owned or blog has written, the first and foremost desire is to show up as the best-related search on Google search result. This is the same ultimatum for which we search engine marketing specialist’s work.
However, before jumping to the conclusion that SEO is the only ultimate solution to stay on top of search results, let’s look at a few facts that make this statement true. Also, there are some other facts which prove it otherwise, which have to be understood and comprehended.

1. Excess hyper-linking will not bring you excess traffic
Every blog and website has hyperlinks which take the visitor to other articles of the same blog or to the landing page of their website. This ensures that the visitor doesn’t exit the page immediately and spend more time within your virtual space. This improves traffic and time spent on the website.
However, this doesn’t mean that hyperlinking is the ultimate solution to excess traffic. The site should be SEO friendly and have good authentic, organic content.

2. Guest blogging is an acquired method to generate traffic
The right influencer can bring a proper audience to your blog. At the same time, if the influencer is not using appropriate modes to feature the product/blog/service or the guest blogging isn’t happening at the right time, space and medium, it is unlikely to give results.
Many amateur SEO analysts make this mistake of opting the wrong method of guest blogging and end up without results. Hence, as a search engine marketing specialist you need to make a thorough research of
(a) who your client is,
(b) who is the target audience,
(c) who are the appropriate influencers
in order to strategise guest blogging in the most effective way possible.

3. Every SEO analysts know the rules and every website/blog follows the same principles
This is a fact and one has to accept it, in order to excel. Though we consider SEO, SEM and SMM as a race, we also need to accept that the runners are as many as there could be in a marathon.
With so many people (almost everyone) working towards making their blog/website no.1, how do you ensure to make yours the best?
Simple, you can only sell a product that is good. No matter how creative and convincing you get, you cannot sell something that is bad. So, make the content as good as possible and give your audience something fresh and genuine to look forward to.

4. Do your research, be thorough and spend money wisely
Taking note of some standard principles and considering them as an ultimate solution to give the best results is the work of amateur SEO analysts, which is not wise.
Every search engine marketing specialist and SEO analyst should do his research on keywords thoroughly, make use of the meta tags, descriptions and keyword insertions before choosing the paid rankings. Because not all paid rankings are organic rankings.
So, be thorough and be wise!

5. Your page speed and bounce rate affect your Google rankings
Google applies formula and logic to the data and uses artificial intelligence to display results. If a site has a low page speed, then it implies that the visitors are less likely to stay on the page, leading to an increased bounce rate. Though the number of clicks per site is high, the page wouldn’t rank well on Google search. So, be logical and build a website that has a good page speed.

The trends of digital marketing are constantly taking a new shape and it’s no wonder that we SEO, SEM, SMM specialists have a constant battle to fight. Not one but all the above-mentioned aspects and more, play a role in making your site rank higher. Be tactful and make the right choices.
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